Wasteland War Machine

Role: Designer
Team Size:
Systems Design, UI Design, AI Programming, Design Documentation, Playtest Moderator
Completed December, 2015

Created by a team of 4 over 4 months, Wasteland War Machine was my final project at Full Sail University. Inspired by Mad Max, the game tasked players with driving through areas of the Wasteland to find a paradise, fending off enemies as they go. Players would first enter a build phase and outfit their war machine with armor and weapons, before driving through waves of enemies. Each level contained several waves and culminated in a boss fight; defeating each boss would in turn unlock a new part for the player to use on their war machine. Aside from the final level, players were free to play levels in any order they chose and their unlocked rewards would carry forward throughout the game.

One major challenge that arose early in development was our project structure. We had every level contained in its own Unity scene. This meant that any time we changed code, modified how something works, added a new enemy, etc. we would have to go into each scene and add all of the new content in. This quickly became unwieldy so I implemented a level selection system that would work out of a single Unity scene. When the player chose the level they wanted to play, the same scene would load regardless, but different elements within the scene would activate/deactivate based on the chosen level, providing the illusion that levels were stored individually. This system improved our development time and game performance drastically.

While I had a hand in nearly every aspect of the game’s development, the most significant features I implemented were the tutorial and UI elements. I was pleased with the way the blueprints system turned out when building your war machine, as it gave the player the feeling that they were actually constructing something. The player also experienced a clear sense of progression as they were rewarded with visual changes to the model of their vehicle, based on both the type of weapon/armor added, the level of that weapon/armor, and the location that it was added at.

In addition to the above, here is a more complete list of my responsibilities for this project:

⋅ Designed and implemented the UI, including the level select screen, HUDs, blueprints, and menus
⋅ Implemented a system for randomly-generated terrain spawning
⋅ Implemented the enemy spawning system
⋅ Implemented a system that allowed a single scene to manage all game levels
⋅ Designed and implemented AI for the 3 basic enemy types, providing a framework for team members to develop the other enemy types
⋅ Designed and implemented the war machine’s ramming attack as an alternate offensive option
⋅ Created the pit stop points that save progress and allow players to level up mid-level
⋅ Implemented an in-game debug system for the team
⋅ Various balance tweaks and bug fixes


Featuring 7 unique levels, numerous enemy and weapon types, and hilarious voice-acting, the project .exe can be downloaded from the link below. Enjoy!

Download Game for Windows