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Role: Designer/Developer
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Systems Design, Level Design, UI Design, AI Programming, Narrative Design & Writing, Design Documentation
In Development

Valhalla is an action role-playing, hack-and-slash game similar to the popular Diablo series. Players will travel through a new fantasy world inspired by Norse mythology, battling enemies and collecting loot from their defeated foes, allowing them to upgrade their equipment and become more powerful. In addition to their equipment, players choose one of three classes to play as and make gameplay-affecting decisions when levelling up, changing the way their class plays and the approach they must take to combat.

As the game is currently in development, many aspects of it are bound to change, but the following are the main features that are driving the vision of the project and will determine the direction the game moves in:

⋅ Multiple classes, each with a different approach to combat. Players will also make decisions when progressing within a class that can change the way that class plays
⋅ Different weapons behave differently and affect how a player engages enemies in combat. For example, a spear provides longer melee range, a club is better than a sword for penetrating armor, etc.
⋅ There needs to be A LOT of loot

As Valhalla is being developed mainly as a portfolio piece, the current goal is to complete the first couple areas and not an entire campaign. However, the game will be in a state where development could easily expand into a full-length game in the future. My original one-page pitch document can be viewed below. For further updates, keep an eye on my blog where I will be providing regular development updates.

Valhalla One-Page Pitch


POLYGON art assets created by Synty Studios and used with license.