It Came From The Deep

Role: Designer
Team Size:
Systems Design, Design Documentation, Playtest Moderator
Completed May, 2017

Inspired by the one page RPGs created by Grant HowittIt Came From the Deep is a one page RPG where up to four players take on the roles of ship passengers as the Game Master guides them through a Lovecraftian themed story of horror. The game is designed to be quick to pick up and play, featuring simple character creation and combat mechanics. I am also fond of the navigation mechanic, where the ship’s navigator chooses a face-down card from the central “ocean” area, determining where the ship sails to next and whether or not something unexpected will change the course of the narrative.

One of the main challenges with this project was providing a story outline that would provide enough direction to the player acting as the GM to tell a structured story with unexpected twists and combat while still being vague enough to allow them to tell their story. Initially, the game’s hours (rounds) related to specific events; in the end, however, it allowed for more open-ended storytelling to only define the final round, where the players have a significant final encounter with whatever it is that the GM has come from the deep.



If you would like to try It Came From the Deep, the PDF is below:

Download .pdf


Feature Image: The Great Old One by JJcanvas