ANTD Laboratories

Role: Level Designer
Team Size:
Level Design, Systems Design, Design Documentation
Completed November, 2014

Created for a World Building course in University, this game was created over a period of one month by a team of 3. The project was meant to introduce us to scene streaming as each member of the team created a separate portion of the larger level and then each individual segment would be streamed during the game to create the full level. Our team shook things up by stacking our segments on top of one another to create an old multi-story building. Players would adventure through the building to reach an old artifact on the top floor, solving puzzles, platforming, and finding out more about the history of the building as they went. I was particularly fond of how the first floor supports the structure of the second floor.

For this project, I designed and developed the first floor of the building, which involves some exploration and puzzle-solving elements as the player searches the building for terminals that can grant them access further into the facility. I also designed and implemented the flashlight security clearance feature which made it so that each door on the first floor would only open if you had obtained the proper color of clearance. Each room had its own challenge to overcome before the player could ascend to the second floor of the building.

A more complete list of what I contributed to this project is as follows:

⋅ Designed and implemented the first floor of the level
⋅ Implemented the color-coded security access flashlight mechanic
⋅ Designed environmental puzzles and platforming challenges on the first floor
⋅ Adapted first floor design to believably support the foundations of the second floor
⋅ Implemented scene streaming to load in separate floors of the building on start up
⋅ Created and implemented the opening cutscene
⋅ Filled first floor with props
⋅ Miscellaneous bug fixes and playtesting entire project


The link below will allow you to download the .exe of the project and test it out. While not the cleanest project I like to showcase it as a benchmark for how far my work has come.

Download Game for Windows