Thomas Fawcett

Hi! I’m Thomas Fawcett, a game designer based out of Guelph, Ontario currently working on independent game projects. I work primarily on digital games using Unity, but enjoy creating tabletop RPGs and board games, too.

I hold a BS in Game Design from Full Sail University and a BA in Drama with an English Literature minor from the University of Waterloo. My time in theatre was spent developing a strong skill set in stage and sound design, and after graduating I worked as technical director for a non-profit theatre company I helped start. I loved designing for stage productions, but wanted to bring that passion to an industry that I am more passionate about: the games industry. I spent the past several years building my portfolio and am ready to join a team that shares my passion for pushing genre boundaries and challenging player expectations.

The most important element to gameplay for me is providing players with meaningful choices. Wherever possible, I aim to offer players choices to make that affect the outcome of the game. The most influential moments in my own history playing games is when I have made a choice that causes the game to play out in a different way than it would for another player and I would swap stories with my friends about the moments we each experienced in our play through of a game. It is my personal goal to bring these kinds of experiences to the players of my own games, allowing them to have their own unique experiences.

If any of the above interests you or piques your curiosity, I encourage you to check out the rest of my site. If you would be interested in working together or just want to send a message, check out the Contact tab; I’m always excited to connect!



POLYGON art assets created by Synty Studios and used with license.